Hey there.  We’re white label.

Back in the day, white label records were vinyl records were test pressings, promos and bootleg remixes we would find at our local record store. Today, white label was formed to create, adapt and grow. We’re all about that nameless bootleg records. Meat and rice forever. Funky calligraphy. The endless Amen Break. Helvetica. Legos at your desk. Using iPhones as a modern day journal. Potato chips in your tuna salad sandwiches. Old ashtrays as candy dishes. Hella clean lines. Windows down singing in the car to 90’s jams. Sharing what you love in person and on the Internets.  Working hard and being happy.

Herschell hails from Illinois and is currently Social Media manager of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance & Chef Instructor at Hot Stove Society in Seattle, Washington.  He used to play trumpet in a ska/punk band, The Kings.  His favorite game of all time is Nintendo’s Super Spike V-Ball.

This is our website full of what we love from our heart of hearts.

Where do you go from here?

mobile / club dj & emcee services